Our manufacturing range includes all of the international standard sizes:

In addition, we can produce intermediate sizes to suit your individual needs.
We also roll a wide range of turbine and diamond sections, specifically for the manufacture of Auger rods and we make a range of hollow deform bar,

You need a stainless steel lined hole? We can do that too!

With our current production facilities, we are one of the few producers of the following shapes of Hollow and Solid Steel Bars.

In addition to the range of shapes we can provide steel in a wide range of specifations to suit the requirements of most of the world's drilling and mining industries. For more information on these steels, please get in touch and we'll be glad to answer your questions.

  • Integral Rods, Taper Rods etc.
  • Overall Carburised Extension Rods, MF Rods etc.
  • Overall Carburised Extension Rods, MF Rods and Induction Hardened Rods
  • Integral Rods, Taper Rods etc.
  • Light application Integrals, Taper Rods etc. Furnace Tapping Rods
  • Furnace Tapping Rods, Hollow Deform Reinforcing Bar
  • Paving Breakers, Moils, Chisels, Clay Spades etc.

Our major product and the one for which we are best known.

Bedford Steels is the originator of the manufacturing process and we offer a comprehensive range of sizes and sections. We are unique in that as well as the usual standard range of round and hexagon bar, we offer an additional range of special sections.

In addition, few, if any, of our competitors offer the full range of steel specifications shown above, particularly the specialist Carbon steels such as 7378 and 3540 for the manufacture of drilling tools used in light applications, furnace tapping rods and rock bolting deform bar.

Certain specialist applications need a bar with a stainless steel lining in the centre hole. We can do that too. Another indication of our capabilities!

Our production facilities allow great flexibility with a minimum production quantity per size generally in the region of 2 to 3 tonnes (4,500 to 6,500 lbs). We can also offer exact cut lengths to a quarter inch (6mm) tolerance on length or random length bar to a maximum of 28ft to 30ft (8.5 metres to 9.1 metres).

Our secondary product, but by no means of lesser quality.

Complementing our hollow drill steel range, we also roll an extensive range of bars to BS 970, SAE and AISI specifications as well as the popular German DIN standards.

As the illustrations on this page would suggest - anything we supply as hollow bar can also be supplied as solid bar with a similar sort of size and length range.

We roll many tonnes per year of hexagon bar in our 6873 specification, the main usage of which is in the manufacture of contractors tools such as moil points, clay spades, asphalt cutters and many other mining and construction tools

Please note: minimum quantities of certain specifications will vary depending on the steel type.